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To create a governance structure for Western EIM, a transitional committee was formed in 2015, inclusive of stakeholders throughout the west. These stakeholders came together to design a governance framework which was formalized in a charter. The charter established the EIM Governing Body, the Body of State Regulators, and the Regional Issues Forum.

EIM governance foundational documents 


EIM Governing Body year 1 request for feedback

EIM nominating committee members 

Nominees for the EIM governing body are identified by a nominating committee comprised predominantly of stakeholders as vacancies occur. The first candidate slate was approved by the ISO Board of Governors on June 28, 2016, and all future nominations will be approved by the EIM Governing Body. For more information about the nominating committee or its current members, use the links below.

Governance development  

Energy Imbalance Market Governance Development

Effort to develop a long-term governance structure on EIM issues.


Energy Imbalance Market Transitional Committee

The committee will develop a proposal for a long-term EIM governance structure and will advise the Board on matters related to the final testing and early operational phase of the EIM.


Energy Imbalance Market Foundation

This section provides general information on EIM, key foundational documents and historical initiatives that were the basis for the development of the market.