Body of State Regulators (BOSR)

The primary function of the Body of State Regulators is to provide a forum for state regulators to learn about the Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIM), WEIM Governing Body and related ISO developments that may be relevant to their jurisdictional responsibilities. The Body may express a common position in the ISO stakeholder process or to the WEIM Governing Body on WEIM issues; and its members are not restricted from taking any position before FERC or any other forum concerning matters related to the WEIM or the ISO. The Body will hold periodic meetings as needed, which can be in-person or by conference call.


Meeting information

Find a calendar of events, meeting materials, and participation information at WEIM-BOSR Meetings.

Learn more about the BOSR at Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB).



AZ - Kevin Thompson, Commissioner, Arizona Corporation Commission

CA - Darcie Houck, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission

ID - John Hammond, Commissioner, Idaho Public Utilities Commission

MT - Tony O’Donnell, Commissioner, Montana Public Service Commission

NM - Gabriel Aguilera, Commissioner, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission

NV - Hayley Williamson, Chair, Nevada Public Utilities Commission

OR - Letha Tawney, Commissioner, Oregon Public Utility Commission

TX - Jimmy Glotfelty, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Texas

UT - John Harvey, Commissioner, Utah Public Service Commission

WA - Milt Doumit, Commissioner, Washington Utilities & Transportation Commission

WY - Mike Robinson, Commissioner, Wyoming Public Service Commission



BOSR Chair - Hayley Williamson, Chair, Nevada Public Utilities Commission

BOSR Vice-chair - Gabriel Aguilera, Commissioner, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission


WEIM-BOSR Liaisons

Tony Braun, President, Braun Blaising Smith Wynne PCC - Consumer-Owned Utility Sector

Agnes Lut, Regulatory Affairs, Salt River Project, Consumer-Owned Utility Sector

Doug Marker, Intergovernmental Affairs, Bonneville Power Administration - Power Marketing Administration Sector


Training materials

For information on or assistance with the Body of State Regulators, please contact:

Holly Taylor