Governing Body

The Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIM) is governed by a five member body with shared authority from the ISO Board of Governors on rules specific to participation to the WEIM. Designed by regional stakeholders, the governing body is nominated by a committee of western stakeholders. These members bring a high level of professionalism and leadership, with work experience in public power, investor-owned utilities, and as state regulators.


Governing Body roster

Robert Kondziolka
Vice Chair

WEIM Governing Body market expert

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Susan Pope

Foundational and policy documents

Learn more about the WEIM Charter, Governing Body Selection Policy and guidance for handling policy initiatives.

Public session participation information

MeetingDateGeneral session meeting
call-in only number and ID
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WEIM Governing BodyMay 21
1:00 p.m. 
Access code: 7858230#
Joint WEIM Governing Body & ISO Board of GovernorsMay 22
1:30 p.m.
Access code: 5364064#

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Public comments may be provided to the ISO Board of Governors and/or the WEIM Governing Body both orally during noticed meetings, and in writing. Oral comments for matters not on the agenda are addressed at the beginning of meetings, while those on agenda items are addressed when the item is presented. Written comments are publicly posted and should be sent at least one week prior to meetings to allow enough time for review by the Board and/or the Governing Body. Comment letters should be sent to and


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WEIM meeting calendar

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For information on or assistance with the Governing Body, please contact:

Kristina Osborne

Holly Taylor