The western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM), the California ISO enhanced real-time market that went live on November 1, 2014, creates significant reliability and renewable integration benefits for consumers by sharing and economically dispatching a broad array of resources. The ISO is committed to providing ample opportunity for stakeholder input into EIM market design and implementation activities. The stakeholder process will shape the market design and policies through a series of proposals, meetings and stakeholder comments focused around an initiative. The ISO has several initiatives underway to further evolve the market as new entities participate and make enhancements based on experience from implementation. 

Stakeholder Initiative Milestones

Release Planning

Annual Policy Initiatives Roadmap Process

Current stakeholder initiatives

The Guidance Handling Policy Initiatives within the Decisional Authority or Advisory Role of the EIM Governing Body describes the policy for how initiatives are identified and classified for decision by the EIM Governing Body. Click any of the initiatives below for information on participation in current meetings and for policy development materials.

The initiative links below lead to

​Initiative ​Initiative falls entirely or partly within EIM Governing Body's primary authority (E1)Initiative falls entirely or partly within EIM Governing Body's advisory authority (E2)Hybrid where primary driver for initiative is EIM-specific (E3)​Hybrid where primary driver for initiative is not EIM-specific (E4)
Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 3 X​
Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 4
Generator contingency and remedial action scheme modeling X​​X
Intertie deviation settlement ​X
Local market power mitigation enhancements 2018X X
Commitment costs and default energy bid enhancements ​X
Day-ahead market enhancements Phase 1  X​
Day-ahead market enhancements Phase 2  X

Current stakeholder activities

EIM governance review


Completed stakeholder initiatives and activities

Energy Imbalance Market Year 1 Enhancements

Process seeking to fulfill compliance requirements, facilitate new EIM entities joining the market and improve bidding and pricing rules.


Energy Imbalance Market Governance Development

Effort to develop a long-term governance structure on EIM issues.


Energy Imbalance Market Transitional Committee

The committee will develop a proposal for a long-term EIM governance structure and will advise the Board on matters related to the final testing and early operational phase of the EIM.


Energy Imbalance Market Foundation

This section provides general information on EIM, key foundational documents and historical initiatives that were the basis for the development of the market.