We look forward to working with all balancing authorities interested in participating in EDAM.

The EDAM implementation and onboarding process takes about 18 months and activities can often run in parallel. Timeframes are estimates and depend on modifications needed to your system to support the market. Additional onboarding information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

Plan for implementation

Together we will develop a detailed project schedule outlining all the steps leading to the market simulation, parallel operations and full participation. At this point you should consider the following:

  • staffing and project roles to manage EDAM preparations

  • IT and operations project implementations

  • whether or not to engage a third party to assist with systems development and integration

  • impact to open access transmission tariff (OATT) and potential stakeholder processes to adapt it

  • a resource strategy to determine which resources will participate in EDAM beyond what is already in WEIM

Establish and update agreements

As a WEIM entity, your organization already has several contracts with the ISO. To enter into the EDAM, additional contracts will be required and some of your existing contracts may need to be modified. This will depend on the decisions you make regarding resource participation and whether third parties are involved.

Configure Resources for EDAM participation

The ISO will work closely with you to configure the resources already in place for WEIM, as well as, additional resources you choose for EDAM participation to ensure they function in the market as you desire. Once the resources are configured in our test environment, you will have an opportunity to test the configuration prior to parallel operations and full production activation.

​Implement metering changes

The ISO has specific guidelines for meter data coming from all resources participating in the EDAM. Resources that do not meet these requirements will be required to self-schedule in the market. All your resources currently in the WEIM market have met this criteria already. However, new resources added to the market, or those with metering changes, would need the meter data evaluated to ensure they meet the expected criteria. The ISO will assist you with this meter data validation process. Information and requirements can be found within the ISO Tariff Section 10 - Metering, and within our related Business Practice Manual for Metering under the related participation role.

Prepare for Settlements changes

You will be required to add a number of new charge codes, and modify some existing charge codes, to ensure accurate settlement in the new market. The ISO will provide details on the changes and the impacts of these changes.

Modify impacted systems

You will need to modify your operating and bid-to-bill systems associated with EDAM participation to enable reliable ISO control and accurate settlements. Affected systems include, but are not limited to, the energy management system, forecasting, scheduling, dispatch, outage management and settlements.

Perform testing

Together we will perform system integration, security and functional testing of all impacted systems and processes. During market simulations, we test both the system and market interplay between the ISO and your participating resources under simulated market conditions. We will publish a market simulation test plan outlining scenarios, a timeline and expected actions prior to testing.

Certify readiness, conduct parallel operations and transition to binding EDAM production

The ISO will work with you to develop an activation readiness plan that includes a “go-live" schedule, system activation steps, communication protocols and a robust support plan. We will jointly track progress and report preliminary results during market simulation and parallel operations. We will also assist with the certification to FERC that the market simulation and parallel operations have demonstrated that systems and operations personnel are ready to operate as anticipated.

Contact us

ISO staff is here to assist you in every aspect of implementation. If you need additional information on participating in the EDAM, please contact:


Adam Schultz