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Governance Review Committee

The Governance Review Committee (GRC) is a temporary advisory group to the EIM Governing Body and the ISO Board of Governors that will provide recommendations to both bodies on EIM governance matters. The Governance Review Committee’s proposed revisions will be deliberated by the EIM Governing Body and the ISO Board of Governors following an iterative public process.

Status: proposal development



Tony Braun - Braun Blaising Smith Wynne, PC

Andrew Campbell - Energy Institute at Haas, University of California, Berkeley

Suzanne Cooper - Bonneville Power Administration

Eric Eisenman - Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Jennifer Gardner - Western Resource Advocates

Therese Hampton - Public Generating Pool

Doug Howe - Independent Consultant

Rob Taylor - Salt River Project

Rebecca Wagner - Independent Consultant

Mary Wiencke - Pacificorp

Cameron Yourkowski - EDP Renewables North America LLC

Angelina Galiteva - ISO Board of Governors

Valerie Fong - EIM Governing Body

Commissioner Kristine Raper - Body of State Regulators


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For information on or assistance with the Governance Review Committee, please contact:

Peter Colussy

Nikki Emam