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Stakeholder input is essential to ISO planning processes and for the success of new initiatives from policy development to implementation. We are committed to providing ample opportunity for stakeholder input into ongoing policy initiatives to develop enhancements to the Western EIM. As entities join, we anticipate new proposals, and have processes in place to gather stakeholder feedback to ensure we evolve to meet participants’ needs.  

Stakeholder Initiative Status

Release Planning

Annual Policy Initiatives Roadmap Process

Current stakeholder initiatives

Using links in the table below, users can track policy development milestones, phases, meeting dates, document postings, comments and submission deadlines, and filings and implementation dates for each initiative.

Initiative process
Stakeholder process status
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​Decisional ClassificationProposal DevelopmentDecision​Implementation
Day-ahead market enhancements ​E2X
EIM resource sufficiency evaluation enhancements ​E1X​
Energy storage and distributed energy resources phase 4 ​E2X​
Extended day-ahead market ​E2X​
External load forward scheduling rights process TBDX​
Flexible ramping product refinements ​E2X​​
Hybrid resources phase 2 ​E2X​
Market enhancements for summer 2021 readiness E4​X​
Pseudo-ties of shared resources ​E3​X
Real-time settlement review ​E3​X​
System market power mitigation ​E2​X
Western EIM base schedule submission deadline E1​X
Western EIM governance review ​E1X​
Western EIM sub-entity scheduling coordinator role ​E1​X

E1: Initiative falls entirely or partly within EIM Governing Body's primary authority

E2: Initiative falls entirely or partly within EIM Governing Body's advisory authority

E3: Hybrid where primary driver for initiative is EIM-specific

E4: Hybrid where primary driver for initiative is not EIM-specific

Learn how initiatives are identified and classified for decision by the EIM Governing Body.


Completed stakeholder initiatives and activities