October 8, 2014



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Updated: Systems Access Information for 2014 Fall Release Production and EIM Parallel Operations




The California ISO updated its Systems Access Information document, which provides access information for ISO externally facing systems.



Main Text

The ISO updated its systems access information document to version 6.3, which includes 1) production changes to clarify information for the 2014 fall release and 2) energy imbalance market (EIM) parallel operations information.


Production Environment


Removed the new format API URLs for California ISO Market Results Interface (CMRI), MasterFile, and Demand Response System (DRS)

the API URLs for these systems will remain as

the new format API URLs ( for these systems will not be effective until further notice


Restored the non-GMT API URLs for CMRI and Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS). The restored URLs will be available until November 3, 2014


EIM Parallel Operations Environment



OASIS will be available October 13, 2014


The Systems Access Information for Market Participants document is available on the ISO website at  Market participants can use this as a reference for the access information related to ISO externally facing systems in production, EIM parallel operations, and MAP stage and sandbox environments.  The document also contains information on the purpose of the environments, maintenance windows and support hours.



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