October 24, 2014



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Open Access Same Time Information System Available for Energy Imbalance Market Parallel Operations Environment




The California ISO has opened the Energy Imbalance Energy Parallel Operation environment Open Access Same Time Information System to participants.



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The ISO has opened the Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS) for the Energy Imbalance Energy (EIM) parallel operations data for October 23, 2014 and going forward. Please note that the parallel operation environment is separate from the production environment and is being used to test the EIM software and features that will be effective in the ISO production for trading date 11/1/14.


Parallel operations is using input data from full network model, base schedules, economic bids, load and variable energy resource forecasts, outages, state estimator results and telemetry as data feeds to the EIM market. However, the EIM market dispatches sent to PacifiCorp's resources from parallel operations are not financially binding and dispatches are advisory only in October. Therefore, the posted parallel operations OASIS locational marginal prices (LMPs) may not be reflective of the true production LMPs when the EIM feature is turned on in production for trading day 11/1/14.


URLs for accessing this OASIS in the parallel environment are available in the System Access Information document at




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