March 6, 2014



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Energy Imbalance Market Governance Proposal - Transitional Committee Nominees List Posted




The California ISO has posted the final list of nominees for the Energy Imbalance Market Transitional Committee.



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The ISO has posted the final list of nominees, along with their qualifications, for the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Transitional Committee. The list of nominees was compiled through the work of seven sectors, all providing nominees that best meet the qualifications for the role of a Transitional Committee member as described in the Transitional Committee Charter and associated governance proposal approved by the ISO Board of Governors in December, 2013. In addition, several individuals self-nominated and provided their information through the sector of their choice. The list of nominees is available on the ISO website at


By April 15, 2014, each of the seven sectors will submit a confidential ranked list of nominees to the ISO Assistant Corporate Secretary, who will provide them to the ISO Board for decision at its May 28-29, 2014 meeting. The Board will consider the qualifications of each individual and the geographic diversity of the group as a whole.


The seven sectors included:

Investor owned utilities

Publicly owned utilities

Generators and marketers

Alternative energy providers

EIM participants

Governmental agencies

Public interest entities


These sectors gathered for nomination and ranking purposes only and will not continue in effect after those processes are completed. The sectors play an important role in providing a broad array of EIM stakeholders an opportunity to participate in the committee selection process. However, the Board is not obligated to select a nominee from each sector; rather, it is encouraged to base its selection on the qualifications and experience of each nominee.


The ISO would like to thank the participants who actively engaged in this important step in the development of an EIM governance structure. In addition, a special note of thanks goes to those that served as sector liaisons. They have been essential to the stakeholder process and have been dedicating their valuable time and talents to organizing and managing the nomination and ranking process within their sector.


More information on the Energy Imbalance Market initiative is available at



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