Nov. 14, 2022
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WEIM Governing Body Market Expert Opinion on WEIM Resource Sufficiency Evaluation Enhancements Phase 2 Final Proposal

The California ISO has posted a summary of the Western Energy Imbalance Market (WEIM) Governing Body Market Expert’s opinion on the WEIM Resource Sufficiency Evaluation Enhancements (RSEE) Phase 2 final proposal, which is available on the WEIM Governing Body webpage, under the Market expert opinions heading.


The role of the Market Expert is to provide comprehensive explanations and technical opinions, as requested by the WEIM Governing Body, to aid it in making well-informed decisions. As requested by the WEIM Governing Body, the Market Expert will produce reports and opinions and evaluate the fairness and efficacy of proposed market rule changes, business practices, market operations and price formation. The Market Expert will support the WEIM Governing Body in understanding complex market topics and provide information on best practices from other markets. Additionally, the Market Expert will provide routine market-related analysis and reports as specified by WEIM Governing Body. 


Please contact Kristina Osborne at with any questions.

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