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July 2, 2019


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Board of Governors, EIM Governing Body and Committees

Western Energy Imbalance Market

EIM Governance Review Committee Formation: Request for Sector Participation due 7/9/19


Revision of the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) governance structure includes the development of a temporary advisory committee to evaluate and make recommendations to the current governance structure of the Western EIM.


The California ISO is requesting stakeholders indicate their interest in participating in the nomination process for the Governance Review Committee. Stakeholders are asked to fill out the posted template, which is available on the Western EIM website at, and send the completed form to their sector representatives shown in the chart below by close of business Tuesday, July 9, 2019.





EIM Entities

David Rubin

Pending New EIM Entities

Mark Symonds

Participating Transmission Owners

Catherine Hackney

Public Interest/Consumer Advocates

Jennifer Gardner

Publicly Owned Utilities

Randy Howard

Suppliers and Marketers of Generation & Energy Service Providers

Will Mitchell



Stakeholder calls will be scheduled by the sector representatives within the next two weeks, and the full sector membership lists will be posted on the dedicated EIM Governance Review Committee web page at


Peter Colussy at

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