Sept. 15, 2022
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Extended Day-Ahead Market: Draft tariff framework outline posted

The California ISO has posted the Extended Day-Ahead Market (EDAM) tariff framework outline, which reflects the revised straw proposal in an outline format of the tariff and is the first step towards establishing an understanding of the relationship between the EDAM design and anticipated tariff provisions.


The tariff framework outline is available on the EDAM initiative webpage. There will not be a separate comment period associated with the tariff framework outline, although stakeholders are welcome to include any comments they may have in response to the EDAM revised straw proposal.


In November 2022, the ISO will publish a second iteration of the tariff framework, which will reflect the draft final proposal and include more comprehensive market design details. That iteration will form the basis of the first draft tariff, which will begin to establish the scope of applicable market rules.


For all initiative-related information, visit the EDAM webpage.


Please contact Isabella Nicosia at or with any questions.

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