May 16, 2023
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Extended Day-Ahead Market: Addendum to draft tariff language posted

In response to requests from stakeholders during the May 15, 2023 Extended Day-Ahead Market draft tariff language workshop, the California ISO has posted an addendum to section 33 of the draft tariff language. The addendum is available on the EDAM initiative webpage.


The addendum incorporates a new provision, section 33.18.3, to the initial draft tariff language posted on March 30, 2023 that addresses some of the initial stakeholder comment submissions on section 33.18. The ISO will not be accepting written comments on the addendum, as it is intended to be a resource for stakeholders to review as the draft tariff language workshops continue.


The ISO will post a complete revised draft of the EDAM tariff language documentation in early June, following the workshops, in which stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide any additional comments they may have prior to when the ISO files the tariff language with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


Please contact Isabella Nicosia at or with any questions.

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