July 18, 2022
Request for Comment
Energy Storage Enhancements addendum posted and written comments extended to 7/27/22

In response to a recent stakeholder inquiry, the California ISO is posting an addendum to the second revised straw proposal for the energy storage enhancements initiative. This addendum will include information related to a small update to the day-ahead default energy bid for storage resources, which will better align this calculation with the initial design principles.


Additionally, the ISO will extend the deadline to July 27, 2022, for written comments on the second revised straw proposal and addendum for the initiative. The ISO will post the addendum on the initiative webpage where written comments may also be submitted using the ISO’s commenting tool.


A simple one-time registration is needed before using the commenting tool. A training video for how to register and use the tool is available on the Policy initiatives webpage.


Please contact Brenda Corona at or with any questions.

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