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January 15, 2020


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Western Energy Imbalance Market

Western EIM Governing Nominating Committee Starts its Work for 2020


The California ISO announces that the Western Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Nominating Committee has started its process to nominate a slate for the Governing Body seat for which the term is scheduled to expire in 2020.


According to the Selection Policy for the EIM Governing Body, the Nominating Committee will convene no less than 100 days prior to the scheduled expiration of any Member’s term to begin the process of identifying potential candidates for the seat.


The Nominating Committee will immediately take the following steps to identify a candidate to bring to the Western EIM Governing Body for approval in a general session meeting:

  • Determine if the Governing Body member whose term is scheduled to expire has expressed a desire to be nominated for a new term, and will conclude whether it wants to re-nominate the departing member without interviewing other candidates.
  • If the Committee does not decide to proceed in this manner, then it should ask the Executive Search Firm to identify at least two qualified candidates to interview.


The Governing Body is a five member body that works closely with the California ISO Board of Governors and exercises delegated authority over rules of the Western EIM. Candidates for the Governing Body are selected by a Nominating Committee comprised of representatives of Western EIM stakeholders.


Members of the Nominating Committee are:




Voting Members

Paul Wetherbee, Puget Sound Energy

EIM Entities

Catherine Hackney, Southern California Edison

Participating Transmission Owners

Johnny Casana, Pattern Energy

Suppliers and Marketers of Generation, ESPs

Randy Howard, Northern California Power Agency

Publicly-Owned Utilities

Jordan White, Utah Public Service Commission

Body of State Regulators

Non-Voting Members

John Prescott, EIM Governing Body

EIM Governing Body

Severin Borenstein, ISO Board of Governors

ISO Board of Governors

Jennifer Gardner, Western Resource Advocates

Public Interest and Consumer Advocate Groups


Nikki Emam at or Customer Service at 916-608-7320

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