January 20, 2016



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EIM Governing Body Nominating Committee Update, Request for Qualified Candidates




The California ISO announces the initiation of the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) Governing Body Nominating Committee work. The Committee is comprised of voting and non-voting stakeholders who are responsible for nominating candidates for the newly created EIM Governing Body. The committee is requesting submittal of information for interested and qualified candidates for consideration in their process. If you have a name of a qualified candidate to submit, please contact the executive search firm no later than February 1, 2016.



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In 2015, the ISO approved the EIM governance proposal developed by the EIM Transitional Committee. The proposal includes the creation of an EIM Governing Body that will work closely with the ISO Board of Governors and share authority over EIM market rules. The five members of this new body, who will be financially independent from market participants, will be selected by representatives of all EIM stakeholders. 


Candidates for the EIM governing body will be selected by a nominating committee. Nominees must be approved in public session by the ISO Board of Governors (for the initial slate of nominees) or the EIM governing body itself (for subsequent slates).


The nominating committee will consist of five voting members - one representative each from the following sectors: EIM entities; participating transmission owners; suppliers and marketers of generation, including load-serving entities that do not own transmission assets; publicly-owned utilities; and the Body of State regulators.


The nominating committee will also include three non-voting advisory members, who will otherwise participate fully in the vetting process - one representative each of the following: the EIM Transitional Committee (for the initial establishment of the EIM governing body, but not afterwards); the EIM governing body (after it has been established); the ISO Board of Governors; and public interest and consumer advocate groups.


Each sector, through publicly noticed conference calls, selected their representatives to comprise the Nominating Committee. They met as a group (in person and via teleconference) for the first time on January 13, 2016. The members of the Nominating Committee include:




Name (Last)

Name (First)

Voting Members




EIM Entities

PacifiCorp Transmission



Participating Transmission Owners

Southern California Edison



Suppliers and Marketers of Generation, Energy Service Providers




Publicly-Owned Utilities

Northern California Power Agency



The Body of State Regulators

Arizona Corporation Commission



Non-Voting Members




EIM Transitional Committee

Iberdrola Renewables



ISO Board of Governors

New Energy Options, Inc.



Public Interest and Consumer Advocate Groups

Western Resource Advocates




The committee will immediately begin work on developing a slate of five candidates to bring to the ISO Board for approval. The following steps are being taken for the nomination process:


·         The executive search firm of Heidrick & Struggles will develop a list of qualified candidates for the EIM Governing Body.

·         Stakeholders are encouraged to provide the names and resumes of qualified candidates to the executive search firm (details and contact information provided below) by no later than February 1, 2016. Earlier submittal of candidates is appreciated.

·         The list of qualified candidates will be forwarded to the Nominating Committee, who will review and narrow down to a "short list" of at least two candidates per seat.

·         Following candidate interviews, the Nominating Committee will develop, by consensus of the voting members, a slate of 5 candidates

·         The ISO will post the slate of candidates to its website and its Board of Governors will then make a decision. The entire slate must be approved or rejected as a whole.


Members will serve three-year terms, except for the initial slate, which will have staggered terms. Members will be limited to three full terms.


To streamline the nominating process, Heidrick & Struggles will accept inbound names of qualified candidates.  Stakeholders who wish to submit names to the search firm should keep the following criteria in mind:

·         Submissions must include a resume (not bio format) and letter of recommendation with rationale and motivation for the suggestion.

·         Submissions are to be emailed to Heidrick & Struggles c/o Denice Ferguson at Denice will respond with acknowledgement of receipt.

·         Candidates cannot be considered if they are employed by or provide services to any entity (or person) that is:

o    engaged in the generation, transmission, marketing, trading or distribution of electricity within the geographic area of the Western Electric Coordinating Council;

o    holds any financial interest that would be prohibited by 18 C.F.R section 35.34 § (j)(1)(i) (a list of prohibited investments is available on request); or

o    has another actual or perceived conflict of interest that would be prohibited by the ISO Code of Conduct & Ethical Principles and that could not be resolved before the candidate becomes a member of the EIM governing body.



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