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December 15, 2021


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California ISO to Extend Visitor Restrictions into 2022


The California ISO has revised its schedule to resume in-person stakeholder meetings and visitors to the ISO facilities from January 2022 to April 2022 to allow for a smooth transition of the entire ISO staff back into the building which will begin in Mid-March.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic intensified in mid-March 2020, the ISO has maintained a largely work-from-home environment in order to protect its staff and critical mission and prevent the spread of the virus. Stakeholder meetings, events and training sessions have continued throughout the pandemic through the use of virtual technology to maintain business continuity.


The ISO had planned to have employees return to the building in mid-January, but that has now been extended to March 14, 2022, so we have ample time to secure delivery of new office equipment to maximize employee safety, peace of mind and productivity. Circumstances around supply chain issues that have delayed the delivery of equipment needed for the full transition back, coupled with the uncertain workplace guidance from OSHA and Cal OSHA, made it necessary to delay plans to return to the building.


The ISO will continue to host all of its stakeholder meetings and events virtually until it has implemented its full return to building plan in mid-March. The ISO anticipates resuming all in-person stakeholder meetings by mid-April with the option for stakeholders to continue to attend virtually for those who cannot or may not yet be comfortable to resume business travel. You can read more about these plans on the Energy Matters Blog on the ISO website.


Please contact Kristina Osborne at or with any questions you may have.

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