Dec. 15, 2022
Action Date
2024 Flexible Capacity Needs Assessment Process: Data submission deadline 1/15/23

The California ISO has posted the data request template to collect data for conducting its 2024 Flexible Capacity Needs Assessment. Scheduling coordinators of load serving entities must provide the ISO with the variable energy resources contract data by end of day Sunday, Jan. 15, 2023 using the template. The ISO encourages participants to submit by close of business Friday, Jan. 13, 2023 to allow time for validation and needed outreach.


Please submit the data request template using the Customer Inquiry, Dispute and Information (CIDI) ticket process with “2024 Annual Flex RA Submission” in the subject line. The template is available on the process webpage.


This year, the ISO has added further details and examples in the following areas:

  • Hybrid and co-located resource types
  • Changes as it relates to how data is entered in the survey
  • Enhancing the process on how to submit the MSS load following resource information

Please note that all renewable resources, whether they have an RA contract or not, are required to be included in the survey.


The ISO has put together a Flex RA Survey FAQ document based on previous year’s questions.  Please reference the following FAQ to help guide accurate survey submittal.  The FAQ document can be found on the Flexible capacity needs assessment - 2024 webpage.


The ISO uses the assessment to determine the quantity of flexible capacity needed for the upcoming resource adequacy year and how this quantity is allocated to local regulatory authorities (see tariff section 40.10.1 for additional detail regarding the ISO study).


Late submissions are subject to a $500 per day penalty under section 37.6.1 of the ISO tariff.


Note: The Business Practice Manuals and ISO Tariff are the official records for due dates.


Please contact with any questions.

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